May Classes @ Young at Art


My May classes are a little earlier in the month and I am really looking forward to them!  I ended up needed to reschedule one of my classes from April because Taelin had a voice concert (which was so much fun) and I was so grateful that I was able to push it back!

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April classes @ Young at Art


Even though I haven’t been writing about them much here, I am very much still doing them. Here are some of the cute creations from the last few months.

I have been starting to get repeat customers and it has been a lot of fun to have kids excited to come to class.  Look at this little painter….  She’s three and the rainbow painting above is hers.  So sweet! Continue reading

Young at Art: Owl Moon


Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is one of my favorite picture books.  The language is beautiful and the illustrations are stunning.  When I was choosing books for this month’s Young at Art classes, this one was a no-brainer for me.


It was a small class, just 8 painters, but it was quite lovely.  Most of the people were new to Young at Art so that was really exciting.  We talked a lot about blending colors when we were painting the snow and the light coming off of the moon.  We also talked about how to start with a familiar shape if you aren’t sure how to painting something.  (You might notice a Y in each of the trees.) It was fun to see how each painting turned out!

Here were some of the paintings…



This coming Saturday, January 28th, I am doing my second class of the month.  I haven’t quite decided what we are going to paint but I am reading another one of my favorite books!


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Upcoming Classes @ Young at Art: Story Time and Craft

I am so excited for the upcoming classes I’m teaching at Young at Art because they combine two of my most favorite things, kids and books!  I am really hoping to make this a monthly thing if all goes well this month. (I already have books picked out for October and November so I am crossing my fingers!) I am going to pick some of my favorite children’s literature to read aloud and then plan either a craft (or two) to with the kids or have a canvas for kids to paint that has been inspired by the book.  Sounds fun, right?!?

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