Pneumonia and Bronchitis and Puking…oh my!

There will be no pictures in this blog post.  You are welcome.

Easter did not go quite as planned.  Joe started feeling sick last Thursday afternoon and has pretty much been in bed with a fever since.  The lingering cough I have had for awhile decided to double down and my body hurts from coughing so hard.  Then Taelin decided to throw her hat in the ring for a glorious 10 hours of throwing up.

Eggs, not even hard boiled yet, are sitting in the refrigerator.  Plastic eggs are filled and in a bucket on the table with a note from the Easter Bunny.  Gatorade and saltines were the only things anyone was eating for dinner.  

Yesterday we were all home, Taelin feeling much better but not past the 24 hour rule.  I decided that both Joe and I needed to go to urgent care.  Joe wasn’t thrilled and I became instantly impatient after walking in the door.  (I don’t know what that is!?!) After seeing the same doctor minutes apart, we both walked away with prescriptions to be filled.  Joe has early pneumonia and I have bronchitis.

Later I went to pick up our prescriptions at two different pharmacies.  I switched Taelin and mine over awhile ago, after one too many times of the not getting things right. I first picked up mine and got the set of directions from the pharmacist. Then I drove to the other pharmacy to pick up Joe identical medication.  The pharmacist came to give me the shpiel which I assumed would be the same but to my surprise, it was completely different. Contradictory even. I asked some follow up questions without revealing the source of my confusion but found that I had heard correctly.  While driving away, even Taelin said, “Didn’t the other lady give you opposite directions? Who do you listen to?” Good freakin’ question kid.

I did some reading of the eleventy-bajillion papers they send home with your prescriptions and got the story straight.  Gave Joe his meds, took my own, got Taelin into bed and coughed and hacked away in the guest room.  (We have all banished ourselves to separate rooms.)

This morning, Taelin was up and ready to go to school.  About 80% of me was ready and willing to just let her stay home just so that I wouldn’t have to get up but 20% of me that saw she had more energy than I wanted to handle so I drug myself out of bed, got dressed and threw something in her lunchbox (which might just win some kind of “best lunch ever” award…not) and drove her to school.

We decided we are going to have Easter next Saturday.  We will dye eggs and do an egg hunt.  We will have some more than Gatorade and saltines to eat. Then, I will do another blog post.  One that can include some pictures someone would actually want to see.

6 thoughts on “Pneumonia and Bronchitis and Puking…oh my!

  1. Janis wurgler says:

    So sorry to hear this! I just finished second perscription and I’m still using an inhaler. Week 4 and starting to feel better. Hang in there friend!


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