Project 52: Week 1 Self-Portrait


Today we are officially done with Week 1 of Project 52.  I could tell that it was cold all week because every single picture I took of myself I was wrapped up in the new blanket that Joe got me for Christmas.  


Week 1- Self-Portrait

My sister will be especially excited to see this picture because of the addition of the cat.  This cat and I have a love/hate relationship and right now we are in a love stage.  I attribute that almost entirely to the temperature outside and my new blanket.  This cat is 15 years old and is in perfect health, according to the veterinarian.  She is the quintessential cat.

And, Taelin is all in for this challenge so here is her Week 1 photo…


Taelin’s Week 1- Self-Portrait

I promise that she really does have great table manners for the most part.  I think my favorite part of this picture is the piece of brown rice on her lip.

Ok!  Your turn!  Who wants to share their picture?  Post your picture (or link to your picture) in the comments!

Week 2- Home




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