Wait…I read another book today!

10169662 I might have all of the Christmas decorations to put away and few loads of laundry to put away but I woke up not feeling super great.  So, I decided to grab the book Santa put in my stocking and read it cover to cover.  Taelin played with Legos and did some other stuff while I laid on the couch.  I believe she fed herself a few times today…

So now my 2016 total is at 32.  I feel like I really accomplished something today.

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens is a psychological thriller about a woman that decides to look for her birth parents and gets far more than she expected.  Complete with the expected unexpected twists at the end of the book, I was grateful that I read this book while it was light out. I’ve got an overactive imagination that sometimes runs lose when I read books like this one.

There are some interesting family relationships between the main character and she two sisters and dad that were present but not too deep (although I might be feeling that way because I read it so fast).

It was a perfect read for what I needed today.  I gave it 3 out of 5 stars.





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