Wait…I read another book today!

10169662 I might have all of the Christmas decorations to put away and few loads of laundry to put away but I woke up not feeling super great.  So, I decided to grab the book Santa put in my stocking and read it cover to cover.  Taelin played with Legos and did some other stuff while I laid on the couch.  I believe she fed herself a few times today…

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This year I read…2016

We are still a couple of days away from the end of 2016 but I am fairly certain I won’t finish another book by then so I am calling it!  I made myself a goal of reading 40 books during 2016 but I didn’t quite make it. badge-square-340024584153c707ed44215e73e72fdf

Goodreads made this very cool infographic that is a year in review sort of thing.  If you are a reader and don’t have a Goodreads account, stop right now and make one.
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