Fed Up

Saturday night I found myself having a hard time sleeping so I started to look at some of the new things that had been added to Netflix.  I am a little bit of a documentary nerd, so I looked there first and this cover caught my eye. Such a fascinating watch!


My friend Peggy (hi Peggy!) has been talking for a long time about how addicting sugar can be.  I haven’t ever doubted her but this documentary clearly spelled out why it is that we are so addicted to sugar.  There was an extra emphasis on children that was particularly heart breaking.  I won’t do the information justice so if you are interested even a little, please check it out.

Even in the few days since watching the movie, I have started to look at the numbers on the packaging of foods and have found myself surprised several times.  So much sugar! I went to the movie website and found the Fed Up Challenge.  You can find all the information here!  I am signed up and starting my first official day tomorrow!


Ten days sugar free.  Ready, set, GO!

Anyone want to join me?


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