Today I am thankful for dance teachers.

This past week was Taelin’s dance dress rehearsal for her spring dance recital.  It is seriously becoming one of my favorite times of the year.

2016-05-31 16.57.23

image by Jodie Crowe

Most weeks parents aren’t allowed to watch, probably for fear of said parents possibly turning into dance moms, but during dress rehearsal we are so that we can be ready to help on recital day.  (As an aside, if you haven’t ever watched an episode of Dance Moms, save yourself and don’t.  I have watched every episode there is on Hulu and I knew I should stop but I couldn’t.)

During one of her dances, Taelin made a small mistake.  She got embarrassed, stopped dancing and stood there and cried.  It was towards the end of class and I tried several times to calm her down.  None of my usually tactics worked.  Then her dance teacher (who I love and adore) came over, took Taelin’s hand and said, “Let’s go get a drink of water.”

I watched the two of them walk across the floor and when they got to the water cooler, her dance teacher knelt down and started talking to Taelin.  They talked for a minute or so and I have no idea what she said to Taelin but whatever it was, it worked.  Taelin came back over packed up her stuff and we left.  I asked Taelin if she wanted to talk about what happened and she said, “Nope.  I’m good now.  I get it.”

What it is that she got I can’t exactly say but I can say that today I am so thankful for her dance teacher.  Not just for helping Taelin in that moment, but for all the lessons her dance teachers have taught her.  When I first signed her up for dance, I never could have predicted how much she would learn about making mistakes and perseverance.  Lessons that will extend far past the reaches of dance.

blog dance pic

image by Jodie Crowe

Today I am thankful for dance teachers.


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