Tuesday Photo Take 5/31/16

I just love the beach.  It doesn’t matter the weather, I will take the beach any way I can get it. This weekend my sister and brother-in-law visited from Seattle and even though they did the driving, they were very open to a day trip to one of my favorite beaches.  Here are a few images from our day.  Continue reading

This month I read… May 2016

What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross was a fairly quick fiction read.  The book’s format is one of my favorites, a story told through different perspectives.  This story follows Lucy, Mia and Mia’s birth mother.  Lucy, desperate to have a baby, steals Mia from a shopping cart and raises Mia as her own child for decades. As a mother, it is terrifying to imagine this happening.  Lucy was a good mother to Mia but eventually Mia finds out the truth and wants to have a relationship with her birth mother.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.  Throughout the book, Continue reading

Today I am thankful for backyard strawberries. 

One of the first memories I have of visiting my dad’s side of the family is picking strawberries. We always had a garden of some kind growing up in Montana, but one June we drove across three states to see my grandparents. While we visited, we went to a strawberry field. I don’t think many of the strawberries I picked actually made it to anywhere other than my mouth. They probably should have weighed me before and after so they could charge us for what I ate.


image by Jodie Crowe

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Tuesday’s Photo Take 5/17/16

I enjoy taking photographs and am excited at the prospect of expanding the amount of time I can spend doing it.  I might even get a chance to get a little bit better at it!  At any rate, every Tuesday I am planning on sharing five photos that I have taken.

All of these photos are from our yard.  I would not consider myself talented in the gardening world but I can appreciate the beauty that spring brings.



image by Jodie Crowe

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