The living moment is everything. ~D.H. Lawrence

There is so much I can learn from this little girl.  After days of hot weather, perfect for days at the park and running through sprinklers, we woke up Wednesday to a cool rainy day.  We declared it a “we aren’t going in the car anywhere” day which was just fine by me as we had been going full speed for awhile.  We had a slow morning getting ready, made zucchini bread (ate a half of a loaf between the two of us), snuggled and read her new library books.  It started to rain a little harder, the kind that you can hear on the roof and Taelin ran over to the window and shouted, “Mama, there are puddles that have to be jumped in!  Let’s go!  This is going to be the best day of my life!”

What could I do?  They had to be jumped in.  We dug out the rainboots that were buried at the bottom of the outside shoe basket, donned our raincoats and I grabbed an umbrella and out we went.  If I hadn’t had Taelin as my tour guide, I would have missed a lot of puddles.  She saw them everywhere.  It didn’t really take much to make it a puddle.  Enough water gathered up that when stomped in made a splash…that was a puddle.

I took a few pictures but once I got a few, I put my phone away and joined in the jumping.  We probably were out for 40 minutes and she was just as excited when she saw the 10th or 20th puddle as she was the first.  She has such an ability to see the possibilities for joy in the moment and embrace them fully. It amazes me every time.


Once we had splashed in every puddle in the neighborhood, we headed home.  We sat down to pull, and I mean we had to pull, Taelin’s boots off and about an inch of water fell out of each boot.  Her pants and socks were filthy. She thought that was hysterical. And it was. She declared a bubble bath was just what she needed, shaving cream for drawing was necessary for this particular bath.  Once we were warmed up, we ate some more zuchinni bread and enjoyed homemade chicken and rice soup, an afternoon nap (glorious!) and rounded out our day together snuggled up watching a movie.
The living moment is everything. I am so thankful I have a little girl that reminds me of that everyday.